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Snaffle bit

Iroquois collared rim

Soda water bottle

Buff bodied slip decorated Staffordshire

Chert projectile point & scrapers

Duck, chicken, grouse & turkey crania
All photos by
Jason Fenton


Archaeological Consulting Services

bulletPhase IA - Literature Review & Archaeological Sensitivity Assessment
bulletPhase IB - Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Survey
bulletPhase II - Archaeological Site Evaluation
bulletPhase III - Mitigation Plan & Archaeological Data Recovery
bulletNational Register Eligibility
bulletHistoric Deed & Document Research
bulletHistoric Map Research
bulletDevelopment of Archaeological Research Designs & Master Plans
bulletDesign & Presentation of Public Information, Exhibits & Pamphlets
bulletWriting & Presentation of Research Reports at Public Meetings

Specialized Services

bulletCollections Management
bulletFaunal Analysis
bulletLithic Analysis
bulletArtifact Photography for Publication & Presentation
bulletArtifact Conservation & Curation

Assortment of historic artifacts
Assortment of Historic Artifacts
Photo by Jason Fenton

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